Department of Electronic Science University of Delhi South Campus, Benito Juarez Road, New Delhi-110021. India

Amit Birwal

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Amit Birwal is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electronic Science, University of Delhi, India. His expertise lies in teaching master’s students, specializing in microwave electronics and related subjects. With a Ph.D. in “Design and Development of Compact Antennas for Internet of Things (IoT) Based Systems” from the University of Delhi, his research centers on designing planar antennas for IoT applications, facilitating wireless communication among electronic devices. Prior to his academic role, Dr. Birwal worked for over 8 years in the telecom industry, including positions at Ericsson, India, where he contributed to various projects in India, Turkey, and Sweden, primarily focusing on mobile communication nodes.

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Deep Learning100%
Signal Processing100%
Computer Vision90%