About the Expert

Rajshekhar Mukherjee completed his MS in Computer Science (AI & Data Science specialization) from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and his M.Sc. in electronics from the University of Delhi. His thesis work involved Computer vision. He has published multiple International Research Papers & presented at conferences and seminars in the domain of AI/ML with more than 20 citations, 5 papers with h-index : 3, i10 index: 1 

He is a passionate lead Data Scientist and has gained more than Nine years of work experience in Machine Learning and Data Science. He has also worked with companies listed under Fortune 100 & 500 companies including Merck, Cigna, CGI Inc, Synopsys R&D & Canadian Space Agency. His wide experience includes leading teams & shipping end-to-end ML/DS projects to production with Cloud, Databricks, NLP, Predictive forecast, Segmentation, Big-data, ML at Scale, and Computer vision. He has a broad spectrum of knowledge including his fluency with Python, Linux, SQL, Tensorflow, PowerBI, and Cloud with a strong background in Statistics, Machine Learning & coding.